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Collective Antennas:

The collective antennas, are the terrestrial antennas (UHF) and satellite installed in buildings of two or more dwelling place.

Actually the new installations must be carry out on a technical project controlled by an engineer in telecommunications. Otherwise the city councils no longer gives the work permission, because these installations must fulfill a norms and a dimensions in the tubed (I.C.T.). Telect has the resources and knowledge to make this type of facilities and in case of not having the project we cant offer own engineers as a collaborating equipment.

In the other hand the collective installations in operation need a maintenance. It is essential for the correct working and for adapting them to the new technologies, for the satellite as well as terrestrial. The antennas of terrestrial are those that at the moment have to be adapt to the new system of emission of digital signal. Only have to be adapt those that have bad reception of signal.

We always refer in case that there is signal cover. For any repair, installation or adaptation to the TDT contact us.

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